THIS WAY TO the vibes

From the badass couples, who want more than your basic photos, to businesses that need help with content and branding. I am here to create magic with you. You should have photos and videos that truly capture you, your love, and your brand.

"why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Jax M

Shots are always a good idea

Everyone says to niche down, but shit, I can't seem to do that. 

Couples, branding, portraits.. I am here for anything that will get my creative juices flowing! You have a crazy idea? I'll make your vision come to life. 

Everyone could use some help when it comes to content. These days, video is key. Show off your restaurant, or small business in the most you way. Show your face, let people know exactly what you do. The more content you can get out there, the more eyes will be on your business

Just call me your fairy content creator.