I'm Jacque (Jackie) yes the spelling is odd lol and Pages is my last name.  


Redbulls keep me going




countries visited.. so many to go!

years in business

weddings documented

Lets hit the basics

I drink, and I cuss, which isn't for everyone and that's ok there is a photographer that will match your personality. However, along with those fantastic traits lol, I will also be your biggest fan and make sure you have the best  day.  I will party all night with you, and you will  quickly figure out that I am super reliable and here day and night for you both.  Everyone has their tribe, and I will best serve the couples who I can create a connection with. 

Other than that... I have a boyfriend who works for the airlines, so we obviously love to travel. We honestly would live in a tiny apartment and never be home, but we have two dogs that are our entire life!!! I love beer, mango seltzers, whiskey and tequila! If you follow me on IG, you know I am way too obsessed with red bulls and monsters.. My couples either are worried about my health or encourage my energy drink obsession lol. If you feel like we would be friends, let's get to it!

this is YOUR day

I want to make you feel comfortable and confident. This whole process should be the best time of your lives. I want you to look back and relive every emotion you felt that day. You deserve to have your engagement and wedding documented exactly how you want. There are no rules.

My goal for you

this is YOUR day

was a friend excited to capture our special day"

"I truly felt like we weren’t just another wedding, but as though she 


"She is so easy-going, genuine and always professional"

Jasmine & Tyler
Villa De Amore

She truly captures beautiful memories of your special day/event