You have a beautiful wedding, get the most stunning photos, but then you go on your honeymoon and all your photos are selfies or tourists taking terrible photos of you two! Well, I am here to change that! Instead of having to worry about taking photos, and capturing all the fun you are having, bring me along to document your trip! We can set up a shoot, and get you back in your wedding dress, or I can be behind the scenes, just capturing you two roaming the city of Bangkok, or enjoying relaxing on the beach of Jamaica. The possibilities are endless!

after the wedding, comes  

the honeymoon

Weather I photograph your wedding, or you just want me to photograph your honeymoon, let's do it! I will be there for 2 days, (longer if you want more of the vacation documented,) capturing you guys in that honeymoon phase, literally. Leave your phones at the hotel, and just fully enjoy each other. I will make sure you get photos next day, so you have them to post and make your friends and family jealous. I can even take a few on the phone for IG story purposes.. after you enjoyed your full day together being phoneless of course. I have you covered!



Honeymoon Package

2 days of coverage
Jacque will be taking care of all your photography needs
Next day gallery
IG stories
Travel included