Cabo Honeymoon session at The Cape hotel

This Cabo honeymoon session was EVERYTHING!! I started offering honeymoon shoots in 2020. Well, no need to explain what happened.. 2020 happened. Now the life is sort of getting back to normal, and honeymoons are finally a thing again!!! This was my first official honeymoon session and I absolutely loved it. I will be focusing more on these as 2022 rolls around!

Anthony and Kirsten have been an incredible couple of mine. We did an epic Glamis engagement session where we shot from sunrise to sunset. Photographed their beautiful Temecula wedding in October or 2020. Then, they trusted me to photograph their honeymoon a few months after. They my first ever couple for these types of sessions and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple! We had a few ideas of what we wanted to photographed but they really went into this with full trust in me and I couldn’t be more grateful!

We photographed around downtown Cabo, I was pretty much their paparazzi. Then set up an intimate shoot the next day in their hotel room at The Cape Hotel, which was the most incredible room. We then ended off the night on the beach right down the stairs of their hotel. Not a bad time of “work.”

First day of the Cabo honeymoon session

I got to Cabo a day early, flying is always unpredictable so I let myself plenty of time to get there. We actually met up with these two the night we got there at a bar and just caught up, had a few shots and chatted about the upcoming shoots. Next day, we rented some atvs and rode around trails and on the beach, it was a pretty cool experience that we hadn’t planned!

After the long day on atvs we grabbed some food and they headed back to their hotel to change for some photos around their downtown area.

We ended up at a bar after the sun went down, shocker right? With all the lights and fog machines going, how could I not take more photos?!?

Day 2 – the cape hotel

The second day, I met up with them at their hotel. It was honestly the most beautiful hotel and room I had ever seen. Kirsten had told me she wanted to do more of an intimate session, and I was ALL IN!!! I had been wanting to get into these types of shoots for some time now, so I couldn’t wait. We started off with them hanging out on the balcony, and cuddling up on the bed. She had the cutest shirt that said mrs. Accuar. From there, clothes started coming off! No, it wasn’t weird at all. I had done a boudoir shoot with Kirsten, so she was already super comfortable with me, and no one was even naked. It was just a shoot showing them off intimately and in the most gorgeous way. Honestly, I wish everyone would do these types of shoots!

There are soooo many photos, it was hard to post a few to highlight on this post! After the steamy session, we headed to the beach for sunset.

If you want more info on Honeymoon sessions, click here for all the info!

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