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Why You Should Have Engagement Photos Taken

Okay friends, today we’re going to talk alllll about engagement photos!! You might be wondering what you would use the photos for, or if you REALLY need an engagement session.

Well the short answer to that is: YES!! You do need one, and I promise you’ll want one too by the time you’re done reading this!

To start off, let me ask you this: why wouldn’t you want photos together after getting engaged?! It’s such a unique and special time and it is sooo important to have memories to look back on of this season of your lives together.

But because a lot of couples aren’t sure of why they really want/need engagement photos, I’m going to go through 2 things today: 1) why have engagement photos taken! And 2) FAQ’s I get about engagement sessions + answers to questions you might be wondering. Let’s get iiiinto it!

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The big question: Why have engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer?

1. It’s the best way to get comfortable in front of the camera + with your photographer.

If you’ve never had professional photos taken before, you’re probably pretty nervous about it, to be honest. I know I was the first time Brennan and I got photos taken together!

And you don’t want that nervousness to affect your ability to live in the present on your wedding day + to be yourselves. If you’re really nervous going into your wedding about the camera, chances are you won’t feel fully confident or you’ll be really aware of the camera the whole day. We don’t want that! We want you to be as present in the moment as possible and enjoy it while your photographer captures it all for you.

So by having an engagement session beforehand, you and your partner will get the chance to get used to the camera! And you’ll be able to get comfortable with me as your photographer. Plus, I’ll have the opportunity to get to know you more than I have through our emails/phone calls + just create a fun time for the two of you! 

You’ll get a feel for how I work behind my camera + how I interact with you. You’ll get used to interacting with each other in front of the camera without worrying about the camera – and just interacting naturally without thinking of what you look like through my lens. I’m ALL about helping my couples be present on their wedding day, and if you’re used to the camera being around you, you’ll be able to do that way easier!

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2. You’ll have pro photos for your save the dates/invites/to announce your big day!

We all know everybody wants those cute AF photos to post on Instagram!! Just kidding – that’s not why engagement photos are important. Although it’s a fun part of what you can do once you have your photos!

If you have engagement photos taken, you’ll have pro pics you can use for your save-the-dates, RSVP’s, invites, etc. No worrying about trying to take a good selfie of the two of you or having your mom take an iPhone photo! 

And you know your family across the country wants to know everything about your wedding + engagement. Post your engagement photos on social media to keep your loved ones updated on these big changes in your lives!

Some more things you can use your engagement photos for:

  • A photo album for your house
  • A guestbook for your wedding guests to sign
  • Hang them around your wedding/use them in your decor
  • Frame them + hang them in your home
  • Add them to your wedding website

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3. If anything needs to change, you’ll know before your wedding.

Another awesome part about having an engagement session is that if anything needs to change with your photographer, you’ll know before the wedding! For example, maybe you realize after your engagement sesh that you love close-up photos the most. Let your photographer know that so they can focus on close-ups on the big day! Or maybe you’ll learn through your session that you and your partner didn’t loosen up enough before getting in front of the camera – now you know that before your couples portraits on the big day, maybe you want to take a shot together!

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4. And lastly, it’s just fun!

I mean come on, who doesn’t want a designated time to snuggle and hug and kiss their partner?! Engagement sessions are just so fun because you get time to be intentional with one another. We can go wherever you want, eat or drink whatever you want, and do your fave activities. I promise we’ll make it a blast together!! 

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A few FAQ’s about engagement photos with me:

1. Should we know how to pose?

No!! I’m the professional here, so it’s my job to guide you through your session – not yours! You don’t need to worry about being pro models or finding the best poses on Pinterest. Feel free to find inspiration on Pinterest to show me, but don’t come into your session with pressure you’ve put on yourselves to be perfect.

I’ve photographed manyyyy couples so I’ve photographed MANY personalities. Don’t worry if you’re an introvert or are nervous about “posing.” The beauty of my sessions is that I focus way more on candid photos + having you interact naturally with one another, than posing you! Every couple needs some direction or else it’ll just be “What do I do with my hands?!” So I make sure to direct you you, but make the photos feel natural and candid.

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2. What if we’re feeling reallyyyy nervous the day-of? 

Well if you know me, you know I love a good drink!! If you know you’ll be nervous on the day of your session, I’d recommend alcohol – seriously! It can help you loosen up soooo much and just have a great, relaxed time. We can go out for beers beforehand together, you can bring shots of your fave drinks to the session, or you can pop a champagne bottle and chug it! It’s seriously a great way to get loose and be yourselves + be in the moment rather than being nervous about the camera.

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3. Do we need to wear fancy clothes?

Definitely not! If you’re not a couple who wears fancy/nice/dressy clothes often, don’t wear them to your session. It’s as simple as that! We want you to be feeling like your true selves, not putting on some facade just to “look good” in front of the camera. Wear clothes that make you feel like your best self + make you feel super confident, whether that means a crewneck + jeans, a sweater and leggings, or a dress or collared shirt!

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In the end, I just want my couples to have so much fun with their engagement session! Your engagement photos should reflect you two, and the ideas are seriously endless. We’ll brainstorm together if you book me! ❤️

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