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7 Ways to Incorporate Your Fave Drinks Into Your Wedding

Drinks, anyone?!🙋🏼‍♀️🍻

Mkayyy if you know me at all or have followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, you know that I’m a BIG fan of drinks & having a freakin’ partyyyy everywhere. Especially at weddings, since I’m, ya know, always documenting literal parties for my clients!

Maybe you’ve seen me post a bajillion times about my love for (obsession with?🙈) Redbull. Orrrr you’ve seen me post about ten different couples drinking shots of tequila.🔥

bride and groom drinking champagne

Moral of the story: the clients that I work with are those who want to have fun and really fucking CELEBRATE their love. I work with couples who don’t need every photo to be perfect but that see the imperfections and fall in love with the moment all over again. My couples are THEMSELVES, laugh hard, and party hard on their wedding day. 

So with that, I wanted to write a fun blog post about 7 ways to incorporate your fave drinks into your wedding day!! Because, if you can’t tell already, I’m just a big fan of having the most fun on your big day as possible – and for a lot of couples, that definitely includes having drinks. 

**I want to preface this by saying that this post will be talking specifically about alcoholic drinks, but you’re of course totally free to celebrate with non-alcoholic drinks if those are more your thing!**

Let’s get into it!!🍾

bride and groom drinking

7 Ways to Incorporate Your Fave Drinks Into Your Wedding

1. Get ready with ‘em

Starting off with an easy one – enjoy your fave drinks while you’re getting ready!

Myth: if you want to drink while you’re getting ready on the morning of your wedding day, it’s gotta be a light mimosa or glass of champagne. Wrong.

This is your permission to drink whatever the hell you want even if you’re getting ready in the morning! Your wedding day is the day to throw out expectations and the “norms” of what you usually do. Freakin’ drink your favorite beer if that’s what’ll help you enjoy the morning more! Or if you’re feeling nervous, take a shot with your best friends/loved ones before you get into your wedding outfits. Simple as that.

bride drinking while getting ready
groomsmen toasting beers
groom drinking while getting ready
bride drinking champagne

2. Take a shot right before your first kiss

Wanna spice up your first kiss a lil’? Have your officiant bring shots for the two of you to your wedding ceremony, and take them together right before (or after!) your first kiss! Wine works too, especially at those winery weddings! Shake out those nerves and enjoy that moment that you’ve finally gotten through the “official” stuff of the day and can now kiss your spouse – and go party!!

bride and groom drinking beer

3. Give mini bottles to your guests as wedding favors

Big fans of Fireball? Buy a bunch of those miniature bottles and include them in your wedding favors for your (adult) guests! Or maybe you’re more of a Bailey’s fan – really, a mini bottle of any type of alcohol will do just fine!

A few favor ideas (with Pinterest links for inspo):

custom wedding koozies
whiskey bottles at wedding

4. Include them in signature drinks for your guests

I’ve seen a ton of couples have “signature cocktails” at their wedding receptions! These are drinks that they love/are their favorites, or are somehow related to the wedding or a fun theme. You can easily include your favorite drinks in signature drinks/cocktails for your guests to sip on at your reception.

Bonus idea: Have a custom sign created for these signature drinks to add a cute decoration to your reception! Here’s some inspo:

signature cocktails at wedding

5. Have a custom shot ski made for you & your boo

This is honestly one of my favorite ways to include drinks in your wedding!! I’ve had so many couples get custom shot skis made for their big day and it’s a blast to watch them & their guests take shots out of them. Take a look at the next few photos for super fun inspiration!!

bride and groom taking shots
custom wedding shot ski

6. Have your ring bearer/flower girl hand out drinks

This is such a fun one!! I photographed a wedding recently where they had two ring bearers (adults!) hand out drinks to the guests as they walked down the aisle. Definitely something unique and will make your wedding guests happy!

7. Finally, shotgun ’em with your wedding party!!

Obviously this is a pretty simple one!! While you’re taking your wedding party photos, get everyone a canned drink and shotgun them all at once. It’ll spice up the rest of your day together!

A Bonus Tip: You can bring drinks to your engagement session, too!!

Yup! If you & your babe love drinking together and it’s something you do often, bring your fave drinks to your engagement session for some super fun, memorable photos.

couple drinking beer
couple in bed at home

My Favorite Drinks

Here are my personal favorite drinks that I love drinking both at home & at weddings – and that a lot of my couples love, too!!

  • Champagne (an obvious one – for champagne pops!)
  • Redbull (a great non-alcoholic choice)
  • Tequila
  • Truly / white claw (any of those)
  • Mango carts!

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