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In-Home Couples Lifestyle Photos | Brooke & James

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to LOVE Brooke & James’s in-home couples lifestyle photos!! I’m obsessed with in-home sessions. I always want your photos to reflect YOU two as a couple and be unique from other sessions. And doing photos at your own home is the best way to do that!! We can get those REAL, candid, fun photos in your own space where you feel the most comfortable & like yourselves.

Why An In-Home Session?

My couples LOVE getting candid photos of them interacting together versus super posed shots. Of course I love getting the smiling-at-the-camera posed ones, too, but your whole gallery won’t be made up of those!! As a photographer, normally I prompt and guide couples in order to get those candid moments. Because if we’re doing your session outside or in an unfamiliar place, you won’t be as comfortable. But in your home, you can simply do your normal activities and just let me capture THOSE moments!!

(In-home sessions are also perfect when you don’t want to be out in the cold or bad weather!)

Brooke, James, & their pups

Brooke & James love drinking Truly’s and Coors, so they drank those on the couch with their pups! They basically just did what they’d normally do on a weekend. They totally followed my life rule of “grab some drinks, get your pups, and just get loose!”

On that dog note! Normally, if we’re doing your session at an outdoor location, I tell my couples to bring a friend along if they’re bringing their pup(s). That way, they can hold onto the dogs when they aren’t in the photos. We don’t want them to get loose or interrupt the session too much. But with in-home photos, you can just snuggle your pups where they’re most comfortable. It’s the perfect way to involve your animal family members!!

If you’re not convinced yet to do an in-home session with your partner or family, just read through all of that again and I promise you will be 😉 Brooke and James were a freaking blastttt. I can’t wait to keep doing more intimate, special lifestyle photos like these!!

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