Downtown San Diego Engagement

Ohhh I love photographing a downtown San Diego Engagement! The architecture, the colors it brings out, and all the fun and new spots you will always find, has me excited every time I photograph there.

First spot we photographed at was a parking garage on 10th. Super close to the ball park and almost never any cars there. It is an awesome spot for that city view and vibe!

Luce Loft venue

Next, we walked across the street to Luce Loft! This is a wedding venue that is so incredible, and the outside of the building is just as magical! As you can see, the outside has that urban vibe, cool windows, white wall, and talk about the door!!! Ohh it is a photographers dream right here. We had fun with these shots!! Brendan picking Ana up and spinning her around. Ana running up behind him, and all the ways he could possibly hold her! Their personalities were coming through big time!

Then we headed across the street to Basic. It is an amazing pizza place if you like pizza, and of course beers! But not only is the food good, but the outside of the building is stunning so we had to stop for photos against the brick wall and against the big windows. Clearly I love downtown!

Do you like a pop of color in your photos? This garage door might be the perfect spot! It is on 10th as well, close to the Luce Loft and Basic.. I am telling you, there is endless possibilities in Downtown San Diego.

The champagne at sunset

We had to end the session popping a bottle of Champagne! Right at sunset we stopped at the bridge right by the Hilton and the convention center and popped that bottle! It always gets the best reactions and it is a fun way to either start or end the session!!!

If you are stuck where to have your engagement session, really think about Downtown San Diego. There are so many spots and the buildings are so interesting for photos. You can have a simple white wall, find amazing reflections in the windows, or get up high for the most beautiful view. I would love to get creative with you during your engagement! Let’s get in touch.

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