Wood Paneling for office

I had a blast doing Wood Paneling for my office!! Shout out to my amazing boyfriend who was so eager to get this done for me!

We already had my office wall painted this color, but we decided to make it look finished, by adding wood paneling. We have seen it all over Pinterest and I wanted my office to have this!


Brennan measured the wall and we figured out roughly how big we wanted to squares to be so we would know how much wood to buy. We went to Lowes, and got 10ft 1×4 mdf wood and the project began! We started with the boarder of the entire wall. He took off the original base board so the entire boarder matched. We didn’t want to have an awkward baseboard that didn’t belong. Once he got the boarder finished, we figured out our squares!

We had shorter pieces of wood cut (came from the boarder) that were just extra, so we placed them against the wall to get a rough estimate. We ended up loving having large squares, so it worked out that we needed 3 pieces of wood vertically. **We started vertically since we had 10ft pieces of wood and our wall is 9ft, so it would be a solid piece all the way down. It was an easy way to measure and make things even, so we were happy! We started with that middle vertical piece, measured half of the entire wall, and got that glued and nailed in! From there we measured from that middle piece to the boarder and divided that by 2, getting us the exact middle point! Bam, out vertical pieces were in. It was starting to come together.

The wall is a bit longer width wise, so we knew we only needed two pieces going horizontal. We measured the wall and divided that number by 3. That gave us three squares and the exact measurement to place our 2 pieces of wood. From there he cut the wood to fit right in, gluing and nailing each board. Once everything was in place, we used wood filler to cover up the nails, and caulking to make sure there was no gab between the boards and the wall. Our house is a track home, and we have found out the walls aren’t exactly perfect. It makes project like this a little difficult lol.

After we got that all squared away and everything sanded smooth, we used the same paint as we had painted the wall with a few months prior. We went over the entire wall again, including the new panel additions. I hand painted the edges, we only tapped off the bottom so it didn’t get on our floor. I have found out hand doing it makes for even lines. We have used tape before and it doesn’t give us the cleanest lines.. Plus my mom has always hand painted the edges, so I just took after her.

Hope you guys have fun with your home projects!

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