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Who ever is in the middle of planning, whether you have been forced to change your wedding date because of covid 19 or just simply planning your wedding, you all are wondering about 2020 & 2021 wedding dates. Every business is different, and every wedding vendor of course has their own availability, but we all have the same busy times. Especially with rescheduling of March, April and May weddings, things are getting a bit crazy. As of now, October is the busiest month, but that is no surprise. However, couples who are in the beginning stages of planning, are still looking to book October dates. I just booked two more as of last week!

With Covid 19, so many couples have had to postpone their wedding, and I honestly wish more than anything I could photograph them all, and for free. This is suppose to be such a special time, and couples’ are just stressed instead, having to replan their entire day. I am trying to do my part, and make it simple and easy for my couples to know exactly what I am offering during these times and my availability. As we all know, fall is the most popular time to get married, now with dates having to change, that just jam packs the fall! So, if you are wanting to get married this year, you need to book your vendors ASAP.

I am here to help with 2020 & 2021 wedding dates

It is hard thinking to plan a wedding, and spend money right now, I completely understand. I, along with many other vendors are willing to work with you on budget. Along with budget in mind, many are offering lower deposits to make sure you guys secure your date. I have my full availability on my website, easy for you to see dates I am open. It is a calendar that goes out until June 2021 on my COVID 19 planning page. Easy to navigate and see what I have free. I update it after every booking and every wedding that has postponed their date. I know I can only do so much, but I am here for all couples, newly planning their wedding and couples that covid 19 has affected.

People are booking 2020 & 2021 wedding dates , and as much as I wish I could take every couple, there are only so many days. Please reach out, and not just to me, (fingers crossed me lol) but any vendor you are wanting to work with.

I hope you all enjoy this time, I know that might sound dumb.. but enjoy this time being bundled up with your loved ones, and have fun planning your wedding!

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