Wedding planning ideas during covid 19 madness.

Wedding planning ideas during covid 19 madness. Well I am here to keep your mind positive when social media is scaring the shit out of you.

Yes, this is serious. I was one of those people who didn’t believe it, kept traveling plans on the books and thought people were overreacting. Now, I am understanding the severity of it, but that doesn’t mean life can come to a stand still.

wedding planning ideas during covid 19

So many people are getting married in 2020! It is a beautiful year for weddings, and just because this is all going on, doesn’t mean your love stops, am I right? People are still booking weddings, and the people who had to cancel their dates, it just means it is postponed until everyone is comfortable and they can truly focus on celebrating your love! So, let’s focus on the good, there is always good.

Alright, you guys want to know what you can do as far as wedding planning goes, so let’s get to it!

  1. Wedding website. This is a great start! Once you have your date and venue, start that website! It is awesome because you can adjust as things come up, and upload photos from your engagement session!! This keeps everyone informed on the big plans and a great place to go if anyone has any questions!
  2. Have fun with Pinterest. Get mood boards going, figure out the colors and the vibe you want your wedding. You might not be able to bring your bridesmaids out to shop, but you can definitely get a board going on what you like and share it with your girls!
  3. Find your vendors. Now is the time to research and reach out to all your vendors, and get the ball rolling. You can reach out to florists, DJs, photo and video, hair and makeup, rentals ect. You can literally book your entire wedding! I am big on meeting in person, but with quarantine being in full affect, FACETIME IT IS! So grab a glass of wine, or a beer and let’s chat via iPhones! We are all people, and we all crave human interaction. This is honestly the best time to book. Vendors are not able to work weddings right now, so we have nothing but time on our hands. We truly want to give you the best service and experience. We are all here to help you and remind you that this time is hard in the world, but there is still good and your love and your wedding day will still go on.
  4. GIFT REGISTRY. Yassss, who doesn’t love this part?? Getting to pick out exactly what you want as gifts? Count me in. Now you have time to figure out what you really are wanting and needing in this house of yours!

    If you were one of the couples who had to postpone your wedding, I am so sorry! Keep in contact with your vendors, and chat with them about new dates. Communication now is SO extremely important. No one has gone through this, so we need to all pull together. I am working with my couples who had to postpone as well, and I am doing my best to make sure they know I am here for them. If your photographer or videographer is booked on the date your rescheduled to, please contact me so I can help you out.

Those are a few wedding planning ideas during covid 19 madness.. Remember, enjoy this time that you have together. A lot of people are stuck at home, so take advantage of that. If you are still having to go to work, be thankful. We are all in this together, and I am here to help anyone I can!

Get to planning! Enjoy your love, and show off that ring!

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