Glamis Engagement Session

I absolutely love engagement sessions! Especially when the couple is all about having fun and really showing off their personalities and what they love to do. These guys asked if I would be willing to come out to Glamis to shoot their engagement photos and immediately I said YES! I wish more people wanted a Glamis Engagement session, but that might just be me being selfish.

From the couple:
“YOU FREAKIN KILLED IT!!! OMG! I am so in love with these pictures. I love every single one of them!They are so amazing!! You are incredibly talented and I am so glad we have you! thank you so much! We are blown away!”
-Kirsten + Anthony

glamis engagement session with their dog

The start of the day.

I showed up right before sunrise, so we can get to a spot the had in mind for those epic sunrise photos. I don’t photograph at sunrise too often, but it is just as beautiful as sunset, with no one around! They brought along their dog, Harley, and of course everyone knows I am a sucker for dogs!! After sunrise, we went back to camp and they had both sides of their family out there with them. It was wonderful meeting everyone, and being able to connect with the whole family. They made breakfast burritos and we just hung out and chatted.

fun glamis engagement session
romantic sunrise glamis engagement session

All my dreams came true this shoot.

A nap and some food later, we headed out on bikes and the RZR for some fun. Of course more photos happened, shotgunning beer went down, and smoke bombs were tested. After some fun in the sun, they changed, got all the sand out of their hair, and we headed out for sunset photos. We even had some fun with sparklers and night shots with the jeep. I mean, come on, they made all my dreams come true in one shoot! This was the best way to get to know them, and have fun at the same time.

fun glamis engagement session with RZR

Think out side the box when thinking of your engagement photos. The locations should be important to you guys and reflect you as a couple. I am the photographer who will go anywhere and spend the time to get amazing photos. This is the time to build that connection with my couples. Also, you can see the difference in edits, as the day goes on and the light changes. Yes sunrise and sunset are beautiful light, but your photographer should be able to photograph even during the day at noon when the light is the harshest, so this engagement session is a great representation of all light!

unique wedding ring photos during this glamis engagement session
climbing the dunes during glamis engagement session
sunset glamis engagement photos
Jeep night photos during glamis engagement session

Do you love Glamis? Want to spend the day having fun and get awesome engagement photos like these, let’s set up your engagement session!

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