Tips on making your photos perfect

Alright.. This one, there is many answers to, but I am going to start with saying “perfect” means something different to each person. Every wedding and every couple is different. So use this as a building block.

There is so much I can talk about, but here are 4 tips for you to make sure you get the perfect photos

1. I start of the day with grabbing the bride and groom’s details. You put in so much time in every detail, so make sure your photographer captures everything. I have my couples put everything they want photographed, in a box and ready for me just to grab and start photographing. Shoes, jewelry, wedding rings and bands, VOW BOOKS, anything special and unique that you want o make sure is captured. Same for groom, he is just as important. Shoes, watch, cuff links, ect. If all those are there and together, the easier it is for your photographer to not waste time, and to just get to work documenting the little details.

2 . Getting ready! You want to make sure everything is cleaned up. I know with so many people getting ready in 1 room, it seems impossible, but keep things in a closet or off to one side before the photographer gets there! This again will help with timeline, and who wants a bunch of crap in the photos, no one. Also a good tip for this if you are getting ready in a house or hotel, make sure there is enough room and enough light. We will be positioning you near a window to get the best and even light as possible.

3. Romantics! This is what every couple will look back on, and these are the photos that will be hung in the house. Your wedding photographer should be able to make every lighting situation work. Rain, shine, mid day, overcast, nothing should be an issue. That being said, you should also set about 15 minutes during sunset to grab these “romantics” as we call them. You will have beautiful photos from either the first look, or during cocktail hour, but during sunset is when we get the most beautiful lighting! No not every wedding will be blessed with a perfect sunset, but just account for 2 different times to grab photos with your new husband/ wife. You might have your dinner interrupted, but these sunset photos you will not regret. All the photos you see on Pinterest, or that you drool over, are more than likely during that golden hour when the sun is just perfect and the lighting is shining through trees giving that golden glow. I think every photographer should make even mid day photos look gorgeous, but there is no denying the beauty of golden hour.

4. BE YOURSELVES! I cannot stress this enough, and this has to be the most important one. Let your personalities shine through. I want to make sure we capture who you two are together. Laugh, giggle, be wierd, dance like no one’s watching. These are the photos you’ll look back on and remember how much you love and adore one another. Yes, we will pose you, yes we will give you tricks so when you laugh you don’t have a double chin, but honestly the biggest laughs and the tightest hugs, are EVERYTHING. You won’t see the imperfections, you’ll see how you two are so happy and that day was the best day of your life.

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